Potty Training...

We started slowly introducing potty training with our oldest before he was 2 (while I was pregnant with our youngest son). He wanted nothing to do with the potty chair. He screamed and cried and wanted nothing to do with it.

Once he turned 2 we re-introduced him to it and he was fine. I haven't starte anything major yet but I do make sure he goes before his bath, nap, and bedtime. Most of the time he will go at least a little bit and a couple times he's actually gone poop! I figure when Thanksgiving comes I'll start "heavy duty" training like taking him more often...and possibly having him wear big boy undies.

Last week I created a chart for him as an incentive (hopefully) to want to go on the potty more and in his diaper less. He loves Curious George so I found a lot of clip art to use in his chart. I started a document in Pages, formatted it to landscape mode, and opened a table. I made the table 5 rows and 6 columns with the height and length of each 1.5 inches. I decorated the rest of the paper with clip art.

Next, I copied and pasted the chart to the next page and pasted Curious George images in each box. I chose a different picture for each one.

After printing (and trimming because I printed it A4 size) I laminated the chart and the individually cut squares of clip art. Then I used velcro with adhesive on it and stuck the "hook" part onto each square of the chart and the "loop" part to each picture.

I taped the chart on the bathroom wall right next to his potty chair.

So far I haven't noticed a big difference in his motivation to use the potty. He does like seeing each picture as he puts it on the chart.