Knit Baby Dino Hat

As promised I am going to share the pattern for the dino hat I knit for my youngest son. I used the same materials but just made it smaller. My youngest was almost 5 months when I made it but he has a big head. This should fit him for a while longer. This pattern is very similar to the toddler hat.

*Sorry for the horrible pictures that was hard to take a decent picture while wearing him*

Materials You Will Need:
Green worsted weight yarn (again, no yardage info): I used Red Heart Super Saver-Light Sage
White worsted weight yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver, White
Size 7 circular needle

Size 7 double pointed needles
1 stitch marker
1 tapestry needle

Abbreviations Used:
K- Knit
P- Purl
K2tog- Knit 2 stitches together to decrease
DPNs- Double pointed needles
sts- stitches
st- stitch

For main hat

With green yarn (or main color of choice) and size 7 circular needles cast on 70 stitches.

Place marker and join for knitting in the round. Start knitting ribbing by alternating knit and purl sts. Continue in 1x1 ribbing till work measures about 1-2 inches.

Switch to stockinette stitch (knit all rounds) and knit till work measures about 5 inches.

Work the following decrease rounds and switch to DPNs when needed
Row 1: [knit 8, k2tog] repeat around
Row 2 (and all even rows): knit all stitches
Row 3: [knit 7, k2tog] repeat around
Row 5: [knit 6, k2tog] repeat around
Row 7: [knit 5, k2tog] repeat around
Row 9: [knit 4, k2tog] repeat around
Row 11: [knit 3, k2tog] repeat around
Row 13: [knit 2, k2tog]repeat around
Row 15: [knit 1, k2tog] repeat around
Row 17: k2tog till end of row

Finish hat by k2tog until 3 stitches remain on the needle. Cut yarn leaving a 10 inch tail, weave through remaining stitches, pull through to inside of hat and weave in. Weave in beginning tail.

For spikes (make as many as you like):

With white yarn (or color of choice) and 2 DPNs (or size 7 straight needle) cast on 9 sts leaving a long tail.

Row 1: Knit 1 row
Row 2 (and every row till only 2 stitches remain): k2tog, k to end of row

Knit the last 2 stitches together, cut string leaving about 3 inches and pull through remaining stitch. Weave yarn through. Use the beginning tail to sew the spike to the hat.

Make as many spikes as you wish using the same technique and sew on hat in a row (or two rows if you want it to look more like a stegosaur). I used one less spike since it is a baby dino and still growing ;)