Baby Wrap and Matching Hat

After completing it (before L was born)

When I got pregnant with L (almost a year ago now) I knew that I wanted to knit up this wrap designed by Kimberly Wood (click the link to visit the pattern page on Ravelry). I had it on my Ravelry favorites I think way back when I was pregnant with J! It took me a while to pick out the yarn that I wanted (I chose Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick) but once it arrived I got to work knitting. It was an easy knit for me and I'd consider myself an advanced beginner. It was my first time knitting with such a large needle!
I knew that I wanted a hat to go along with it so I searched Ravelry again and found this pattern by Bethany Patchin. It too was a quick knit (in fact I had already knit 2 in blue for Cure International). 
They both ended up looking so cute! Yes, now you can see the finished products in use on my little man :)

I'm just now getting back to knitting after L was born. I'm working on a dinosaur hat for J and if I can find the time I'll make one for L as well. I'm hoping to finish them in time for our church's Harvest Carnival!