Tri-knit-y Necklace Pattern

a. a group of three
b. the state of being threefold or triple

I'm in a few different groups on Ravelry and one of them is a design groups. Every month or couple of months there is a new challenge with techniques/skills/design attributes to choose from. Last month I decided to take part and my Tri-knit-y Necklace is the end result. I've been wanting to create a neck accessory similar to a cowl but less bulky since it's hot most of the time here. 

The pattern allows a lot of room for customization. There is a minimum length that should be followed closely otherwise it may be too small to fit over someone's head (it is seamed beginning to end with no buttons to open it). Other than that it is up to the knitter to decide how to design it. It begins with a tube knit in the round than has 3 cords that can either be braided, twisted, or kept straight before attaching back to the beginning. 




You can also wear the necklace with the cords in front, to the side, or behind (again, tying in the trinity theme). 

Check out the project gallery to find other projects that have been done in the other designs for a better idea of the variety. You can buy my pattern for $1.99 on Ravelry. I'd love to see your finished designs! Please link your project on Ravelry if you make it :)


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