Introducing the Letter A

My oldest just turned 2 this month. He is starting to really enjoy exploring with different art supplies. I decided to sneak some learning in and start introducing the alphabet. Last week I introduced the letter A and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it.

J still doesn't talk much so I decided it was best to start with letters that I've heard him say the sounds for. I got out paper and wrote both uppercase and lowercase a in bubble letters. I tore little pieces of tissue paper and crumpled them into small balls.


I helped J dab the glue inside the letters and showed him what to do with the tissue paper. He enjoyed squeezing the glue dabber. He followed directions well and placed the paper in the letters. As he was working I talked about the letter name and sounds.

 He finished this activity pretty quick. I think his favorite part was smearing the glue on the paper. I've put it up on our dishwasher with magnets and every so often I'll ask J what letter it is. Is getting good at identifying it.

This activity can be done with many materials besides tissue paper. Glitter, hole punches, google eyes, etc. Let me know if you tried it and what you used!